Main Products / Major equipment│Mold base of Kawashima Kinzoku

Main Products

Custom-made precision mold base

Mold base for a lens-barrel

Retainer plate size: 300 x 300 / Delivery: 8 business days

Multi-cavity mold base

Retainer plate size: 500 x 600 / Delivery: 9 business days

Mold base for in-vehicle devices

Retainer plate size: 400 x 500 / Delivery: 10 business days

Mold base for lens

Retainer plate size: 250 x 250 / Delivery: 8 business days
Jig grinding & polishing (tolerance: 0 to +0.003)

Mold design & manufacturing/Factory equipment components

In-vehicle parts

Resin name : POM /  Resin name : PPE GF40%

In-vehicle parts(Engine pump lid)

Resin name : POM

LED light lens

Resin name : Acrylic resin(By Aspheric surface processing machine)

Optical equipment (Lens-barrel)

Resin name : ABS

Square-shaped mold parts(Hardening)

Steel type : SKD11

Round-shaped mold parts(Hardening)

Steel type : SKD11

Equipment components/Tool parts

Electrode parts(EROWA tooling/3R)

Major equipment

We provide our customers with precision mold bases requiring the micron accuracy. Our expert staff manufactures mold bases by utilizing the customized machines to deliver high quality products in a short period.

List of major devices in our factory

Name Manufacturer Model No. of Unit(s)
Machining Center Mitsubishi Heavy Industries M-H80E 1
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries M-V70E 1
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries M-V60C 1
OKK HM63 3
Gun drill Miroku Machine Tool MEG-800NC 1
Miroku Machine Tool MSEG-800N 1
General-purpose millingmachine OKK MH-4V 1
Duplex head horizontal milling machine Chuo Precision Industrial UCL303H 1
Chuo Precision Industrial UCL400H 1
Duplex head horizontal NC milling machine Hamai 2DS-A 1
Radial drilling machine Ogawa Iron Works HOR-1400 3
Ogawa Iron Works HOR-D-1400 1
Grinding machine Okamoto Machine Tool Works PSG-84DX 1
Okamoto Machine Tool Works PSG-84AN 1
Hitachi Via Engineering GHL-B512N 1
Hitachi Via Engineering GHL-B510NS 1
Band Saw Machines AMADA HA400 1
Automatic packaging machine Speemer HPA2800 1
CAD/CAM Camtus Tamago WIN 6
Getronics Olivetti Japan Tamago 1
System-I Handy CAD MarkII 1
Zissen machineware ZW3D 1

【Sales Department】
3F, Kawakin Building 1-11-28, Edo, Kawaguchi City,
Saitama Prefecture, Japan [ MAP ]
TEL:+81-48-284-4711 FAX:+81-48-282-5258
【Honbasu Factory】
2-5-17,Honbasu, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan[ MAP ]
TEL:+81-48-282-5844 FAX:+81-48-286-4286
【Edo Factory】
1F, Kawakin Building 1-11-28, Edo, Kawaguchi City,
Saitama Prefecture, Japan [ MAP ]
TEL:+81-48-284-4711 FAX:+81-48-282-5258

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