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Information of the Saga factory establishment


Now, I am increasingly delighted with health and prosperity.

Thank you very much for usually giving me your exceptional kind consideration

As the production base where this time and our company are new It is scheduled to establish a manufacture factory to Kashima-shi, Saga.

At the time of establishment of a new factory, it is improvement in the further production capacity. I will strengthen correspondence power and will strive to be able to answer to your reliance.

I ask you to give me your support guidance in the future.


New factory address:

1430-15, Tnidachou, Yamaura, Kashima-shi, Saga-ken, 849-1314

Factory establishment day:

July 16, Heisei 30

Closing notice


Our company will be closed for holidays from June 28th to June 29th, 2018.


We apologize for the inconvenience.

Machine component-engineering exhibition 3 day


It is the 3rd day of a show.

Many people come from a morning also the final day,

You dropped in to our booth.

I was indebted to you of the Gentlemen concerned very much during the term.

I value this connection and can meet your expectation.

I will try hard wholeheartedly.

Machine component-engineering exhibition 2 day


It is the 2nd day of a show.

Many people have come more than the first day.

Many you came also in our booth.

Since I am carrying out simultaneous exhibition also in the booth in Saga Prefecture,

I am pleased if you can drop in.

I wait for your attendance from the bottom of my heart.

Machine component-engineering exhibition 1 day


The 22nd machine component-engineerings exhibition opened.

Many directions have come this year also,

Our booth also shows climax.

It is attendance of three days and you from today.

I wait from the bottom of my heart.

Exhibition Report


【Exhibit at 22th“M-Tech”】

[ Dates ]

June 20 (Wed) - 22 (Fri), 2018

10:00 - 18:00 daily (10:00 - 17:00 on June 22)


[ Venue ]

Tokyo Big Sight East6 Hall E56-41


We will also exhibit simultaneously in the booth of Saga Prefecture.

Booth No.: East 4 Hall, E76-16


We will be waiting for you at our booth.

RoboDEX 3rd Day


From early morning of the last day, RoboDEX welcomed many visitors. Many people also came to our booth.

Thank you everyone who helped make this event possible.

We will treasure this time and do our best to meet your expectations.



RoboDEX Second Day


RoboDEX Second Day.

From the opening we were greeted by many visitors. You can even see the crowd from a distance at the closing time.


We are waiting earnestly for everyone to visit.

RoboDEX First Day


The first day of the exhibition. From the opening, our booth welcomed many visitors. Our booth had an energetic atmosphere just like last year.

We are waiting for your visit tomorrow.


Updating examination ISO 9001:2015 was completed


Updating examination ISO 9001:2015 was completed.

We will strive for the further improved quality  so that a customer can be satisfied from now on also.

Thank you for your consideration.

【Sales Department】
3F, Kawakin Building 1-11-28, Edo, Kawaguchi City,
Saitama Prefecture, Japan [ MAP ]
TEL:+81-48-284-4711 FAX:+81-48-282-5258
【Honbasu Factory】
2-5-17,Honbasu, Kawaguchi City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan[ MAP ]
TEL:+81-48-282-5844 FAX:+81-48-286-4286
【Edo Factory】
1F, Kawakin Building 1-11-28, Edo, Kawaguchi City,
Saitama Prefecture, Japan [ MAP ]
TEL:+81-48-284-4711 FAX:+81-48-282-5258

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